Geographical situation

Meung-sur-Loire is located on the river Loire, at around 30 kms from Orléans and 100 kms South from Paris.

The essentials of Meung-sur-Loire

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Collegiate of Meung-sur-Loire
Photo © MC Leo, OT Lands of the Loire Valley

Meung-sur-Loire is the setting of many treasures: one of them is the Saint-Liphard collegiate church , religious heritage jewel. It is superbly stands and contemplates the Loire for nearly a thousand years!

On entering the building, let yourself be overwhelmed by a sense of tranquility and contemplate its sober and refined architecture.

On the tomb of Saint-Liphard (- 565), a monastery is created and replaced, as of 11 th century by a chapter of canons. The bell tower, in its lower part, dates from this period but the bell chamber and arrow date, they of 13 th century.

Redesign evident traces can be concluded that the choir and transept are not entirely the 13 thcentury. Indeed, the lower parts probably date from the early 12 th century, but were not covered in the same aisle as the early 13 th . Reinvestments of the old church are frequent: corbels, portal, lower parts …

Leaning against the nave and the bell tower, a fortified building, the Tower of Garland Manasses , was built essentially by Manasses of Garland, bishop of Orleans.

Collegiate of Meung-sur-Loire
Photo © A. Street, ADRT45

CASTLE MEUNG-SUR-LOIRE | 16 Place du Martroi

Photo © Château de Meung-sur-Loire

Pass through the gates of this imposing building, silhouette so familiar to the inhabitants of Meung-sur-Loire , for centuries …

The castle belongs to the oldest and largest castles of Loiret and has the distinction of having two different eras fronts: first, medieval, dated 13 th century, the other more classical dated 18 th .

Prestigious residence of the Bishops of Orleans, Meung lords, who were project managers of all building campaigns, the 12 th and 13 th centuries, the castle welcomed its walls, Joan of Arc , who saved the English and the kings Louis XI and François 1 st .

Discover, too, the underground part with chapel, prison, torture chamber and dead-dungeon where prisoners like Nicolas of Orgemon and Francois Villon , had the misfortune to be locked.

Finally, enjoy its beautiful 7-hectare park located in the city center that offers walkers the nostalgic memory of a vanished splendor …

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